Why Medical Coding & Billing

  • Career ready in as little as 4 months

  • 22% more jobs through 2022

  • Established healthcare industry

  • Among fastest growing fields

Medical Coding and Billing

Medical coding and billing is currently one of the fastest growing, in-demand careers. With advances in technology, new medical treatments and longer life-spans, the healthcare industry has a large need for qualified personnel. Medical coders apply industry standard codes to the patientÂ’'s medical file. Medical billers use those codes to then apply dollar amounts and prepare the bill to submit to insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and the patient. Medical coding and billing is one of the few medical careers with no direct hands-on patient care. Entry-level medical coders and billers generally have either an associate degree or certificate.

How to become a medical coder and biller:

  1. Get quality medical coding and billing training

  2. The school you choose should be AHIMA approved to ensure a quality education.

  3. Get AHIMA or AAPC certification

  4. Certification is strongly recommended. Having a certification proves your skills to employers and surveys show that certified coders and billers make more than non-certified counterparts.

  5. Start your job search

  6. Some schools offer graduate assistance to help you in your job search. If you chose a school with this option, that is a great place to start. 37% of medical coders and billers work in general medical and surgical hospitals so that is the next best place to look. Also review the Job Search Resources page for options.

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